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Are you ready for a blast from the past?

In 2022, the Osgoode Township Museum received an envelope containing an autograph book from 1884. It belonged to Katie Kennedy who was born and raised in Osgoode township.

The autograph book sparked our interest and led to the Sign My Book! project. As part of this project, we’ve collected and scanned autograph books and yearbooks belonging to youth in our region.

Take a look through the autograph books and see if you can find familiar faces in yearbooks from Osgoode Township High School and St. Mark High School.

Your day is about to take a wild turn when a cryptic text thrusts you into a time travel adventure. Solve puzzles, help Katie Kennedy find her missing autographs and maybe even find your way home!

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Yearbook Library

Explore yearbooks from Osgoode Township schools and relive fond memories of days gone by.

Autograph Books

Learn about this popular Victorian-era pastime and flip through the books of yesterday’s teens.

Student Gallery

Find yourself, your friends and family members by searching the yearbook student gallery.

About the project

The Sign My Book exhibit and virtual experience explore the legacy of teens in Osgoode Township from the 1880s to today.

Learn more about the project and download curriculum-based teacher resources on our About page.